Simple Taoism:

A Guide to Living in Balance


C. Alexander Simpkins Ph.D.


Annellen M. Simpkins Ph.D.

Simple Taoism : A Guide to Living in Balance is designed to help the reader understand what Taoism is about and to help apply its bet aspects to everyday life. Divided into three parts, the book outlines the background and development of the philosophy, illustrated with stories to bring the history to life. It then explains key concepts and shows ways to incorporate the insights of Taoism into one's life through such acitivies as meditation, chi kung, accupressure, and t'ai chi.


NAPRA ReView about Simple Taoism and Simple Zen: Beautifully presented and steeped in stories, legends, practices, examples, and exercises, these books will be a welcome addition to any collection on these subjects, and a good start to a clearer consciousness.


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