Simple Zen:

A Guide to Living Moment by Moment



C. Alexander Simpkins Ph.D.


Annellen M. Simpkins Ph.D.


This book is designed to help you understand Zen. It is divided into three interrelated parts. Part I gives the gackground and development of Zen, illustrated with classic enigmatic stories of great Zen masters to set you on the Path. Part II explains key themse, pointing you in the right direction. Part III shows you how to bring the insights of Zen into your life, through the practice of meditation and Zen arts, just as Zen practitioners have done for centuries.


NAPRA ReView about Simple Zen: A Guide to Living Momemt by Moment: A little book of simple pleasures, this one and its companion, Simple Taoism: A Guide to Living in Balance, will appeal to the Western mind that seeks solace from the maelstrom of furious thinking that our society and lifelihoods seem to demand. Each of these books is an oasis, guiding the reader through these mysterious Eastern philosophies with an efficient yet reverent respect for thie long history. Immersed in the roots and vegginings of Zen or Taoism, the Simpkins' work is like a walk in a quiet forest on a warm day.


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